FRESHMENU - Rebranding | Packaging


FreshMenu is a freshly prepared, fine dining, global cuisine, food delivery service. Their daily rotating menu delights new-age customers with variety and high end taste.


FreshMenu is one of the pioneers in the Indian food-tech space. The brand prepares delicious world cuisine that is optimised for delivery and available on a rotating menu. Having been around for 6+ months, they experienced phenomenal growth by delighting customers all over Bangalore. Their next destinations were Mumbai and Delhi. They came to Happy, to create a fresh new packaging that gears them to cross borders. As a food-tech brand, purely in the delivery space, packaging is a pivotal piece of communication for the brand. Happy’s packaging solution had to consistently tell the brand’s story and excite the consumers as it extended onto different shapes, sizes and types of packaging material.

Design Thought:

The people of today want to be present in the current time. Relevant and contemporary. Getting the best they can within all constraints of time, budget and possibilities. They want to know that they are the making the most of life, expanding their horizons and maximising their opportunities. These are the people who want "The world on your plate". Inspirited by the brand’s positioning “The World on Your Plate” the packaging invited people to go a culinary journey.