- Branding

Background: as a brand is an antithesis to everything fitness was known to be thus far - inclusive, positive, warm. Designed to transform every individual by maximizing their potential. Seamlessly blending the elements of mind, body, nutrition and healthcare, to make fitness an uber-cool lifestyle choice, than a tiresome last resort.


When a brand is here to disrupt, our work follows suit.

Design Thought:

We branded with holistic human well-being as our guiding principle. An identity inspired by the Vitruvian man, representing a constant state of work in progress. With dynamic graphic elements and fresh hues, emanating energy in all directions. The tone of voice was kept simple and welcoming, with a tinge of pleasant quirk. Making for an expansive, eminently extendable design ecosystem without the aggression and drudgery usually associated with the world of fitness.